Swimming Pool Construction

The pool has become an indispensable element for many families. A private home or a newly built residential community do not imagine without a pool.
The pool is an added value that anyone wants to have. Meeting Point amusement and recreation during the summer or all year, family celebrations, meetings with friends, etc. …, convert the pool in an area of the garden, fresh, esthetic and relaxing, all day long as well as the warm summer nights.



Pool construction is a complicated process and is should only be undertaken by a highly skilled pool contractor. We have five years experience in building new swimming pools, to suit any kind of design and space.
The company works in close cooperation with World famous companies in this field of activity. We offer our clients a fast and excellent execution of all project stages, starting from construction, to service and consultation.


We offer design and equipment for all types of swimming pools – public, hotel, recreational, private and specialized.

From rectangular shaped pools to curved lagoons, our architects can help design the pool you dream of. The size and the type you require will generally depend on your budget or the available area around your property.

We believe that is very important to discuss, with you the client, all the available options to achieve the best conclusion for your finished pool project. Therefor we will want to determine every little detail with you from the best site to the size and the depth of the pool.

We confirm that GE Build Property Services have worked for our company for the last four months. At all times their operatives were very courteous and tidy, and worked to a very high standard on budget and on time.
We would have no hesitation in recommending this Company for any future works.
Conmoy Construction CO.LTD
I will highly recommended ¨GE Build Property Services¨ to any looking for a working relationship company which delivered quality job and excellent customer service polite and professional staff.
During the period of construction and cleaning their workers were extremely punctual professional and hard working.
The quality of work is excellent, they keep the time schedule.
Mr. Peter Metcalt, Marbella

We can construct any model you have in mind, unlimited forms, size or design. Once all these crucial decisions have been made we can complete the process with choosing the correct filtration system, pump capacity and the size of the filter. Advanced programs such as a salt system and heating pumps can be discussed during construction if desired.
Glass mosaic tiles, a traditional swimming pool coating can be installed, these exceed all other types of ceramics in terms of steadiness and strength. A wide variety of colour combinations will make your swimming pool unique.

The pools made by GE Build Property Services are distinguished by their functionality, quality and perfect technical execution.
To describe the whole building process step by step it will take a lot of pages, so we’ll give you the most important stages to let your imagination run thought them and see how the dream will become reality.

  1. Layout position – frame pool to match desired shape.
  2. Excavation – Digger to excavate pool shell, taking soil away if not to be used.
  3. Building perimeter wall along pool shell.
  4. Steel for reinforcing the concrete must be shaped and put in place to form what will become a steel basket.
  5. Fitting incorporated items – main drain, skimmers, jets, lights conduits, makeup line – automatically filling where necessary.
  6. Concrete – height strength concrete is applied with pressure to ensure the highest quality shell.
  7. Interior finish- plastering and tiling pool.
  8. The Coaping or decking around the pool can be of many finishes – paving , tiling or traditional white coaping stone. Choosing the right edge is not just a matter of aesthetics, is important because it involves security and it is a place of high traffic.
  9. Building the pump house and installing pool equipment – valving, pump, filter, accessories, all lines are connected to proper inlets and outlets on pool.
  10. Power is run to pump house. Panel is set with breaks and timer. Equipment is hooked up. Lights are installed.
  11. Filling and testing pool.
  12. Surround work – any concrete, paving or tiling can be laid to finish off the pool area.
  13. Your pool is ready to use!

Our work is done by qualified installers and specialists in each of the processes of installing your pool. Electricians, machine operators, plumbers, masons, crane operators, transport operators and specialists in chemicals, which makes us work directly with the customer, without intermediaries.
The duration of the building process from excavation will be four to six weeks, regarding the design and the size of your pool.

More details about pools:


The lights below the water increase security during the night, allowing the use anytime, as well as enhance the appearance of the pool and garden. With the installation of light, the pool is no longer a static element in the garden, but it participates in its atmosphere and may be in the spotlight.
The alarm systems that are installed in the pools must necessarily be manufactured, installed or constructed so that controls activation and deactivation cannot be used by the children. You can choose from a wide range of coating materials. The edge is important because it is a place of high transit if not well done may become a danger. Likewise, the edges and perimeter roads should have non slip surfaces . Another important feature is that it does not transmit heat, which are aterm.
Ladders facilitate entry and exit from the pool to children, the elderly or people with mobility impairment.
Also we can refurbish your old pool leaving it as the first day by fitting new liner, mozaic tiles or include new accessories such as pockets, ladders, lights etc..
Nothing better to complement a nice residence with a pool of exceptional quality.
Building a pool at home can provide the occupants of a building a better quality of life, as well as an area of recreation and sport suitable for large and small. And why not, a considerable increase in the value of the property, yes, provided that it is designed and constructed in a right way and proper to the rules.
With GE Build Property Services you can free your imagination and adjust the form of your dreamed pool.
See our photo Gallery of pools for examples of our work, because one picture worth more than thousand words ….
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