Air conditioning

The most common uses of modern air conditioners are for comfort and to provide an indoor environment that remains relatively constant in despite changes in external weather conditions.
The most important is to be advised by a good installer. Our trade master will calculate and install the required system according to you needs. His skilled advise will ensure you of a good climate.

Floor heating system

Building a new home is an ideal opportunity to assess the choice of heating system, and installing under floor heating at this stage provides you with an economical whole house solution.
When you purchase a property, for yourself or as an investment, which needs completely renovating or modernizing to consider all your heating options. When you´re taking a project of this scale, it is the perfect time to install under floor heating.
We offer a complete heating solution, to suite a variety of lifestyle patterns, ensuring your getting the best out of your under floor heating system.

Pool heating

If you have a swimming pool which is too cold for swimming during the summer and winter seasons the best decision is to install a swimming pool heat pump which is the most reliable and ecological way to heat your swimming pool.
Heat pump are highly efficient, they work by taking free heat from the ambient air and transferring it into your pool water.
GE Build Property Services offer a qualified pool professional install the heater, especially the electric hookup, perform complicated maintenance or repair tasks and choice of various types heat pumps.