Pool maintenance

The cleaning and maintaining of a swimming pool is an essential part of property ownership.
Any owner living in or renting a property should be aware that cutting corners and avoiding paying for this essential service can result in claims being made against them.
Many of our customers are surprised how many things are necessary to keep the pool clean and in a good condition during their stay or absence.

In ensuring a clean, clear swimming pool our maintenance includes:

  • Adjusting or maintaining the chemical balance of the pool water by knowing the right levels of the PH, chlorine, salt or other chemicals in use.
  • The correct time for of the filter and pump function.
  • Removing unwanted dirt and foreign particles from the swimming pool.
  • Regularly cleaning of the filter itself.

A regular swimming pool maintenance programme can help to prevent swimming pool problems and avoid water problems.
Why worry any more? Enjoy your pool ! GE Build Property Services are here to help you and to take that weight from your shoulders.